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PaperScan Scanner Software Version 3 New Major Release

ORPALIS is pleased to announce the new major release of its best-selling scanner, OCR and document management software PaperScan.

Muret, France, July 9th, 2015.

PaperScan Version 3 is now available to the public: more than just a scanning software (TWAIN and WIA compliant), it also includes a powerful OCR engine that recognizes more than 60 languages and a wide range of custom and sophisticated annotations. Its ease of use combined to the latest technologies, powered by GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK makes PaperScan the perfect scanning and document management tool for both the general public and organizations.

PaperScan is distributed in three different packages: PaperScan Free Edition, PaperScan Home Edition and the fully-featured PaperScan Professional Edition.

What’s new in PaperScan V3?

Major improvements have been made, the user interface of the software has been updated and the scanning engine has been enhanced in terms of speed and accuracy.

New functionalities also includes:

  • Preview feature in scanning wizard.
  • Support for SVG, EMF and WMF file formats.
  • Advanced printing settings for orientation, adjustment and alignment of the document.
  • Automatic image orientation.
  • Ability to create several profiles with different configuration settings.
  • Creation of custom keyboard shortcuts.

In the image processing domain, more than 20 filters and effects have been added and all the existing filters (autodeskew and punch hole removal) have been improved. Other features have been implemented: despeckle filter and automatic black borders removal have been added in batch acquisition/import filters to automate the clean-up process of the documents.

It is now possible to create custom pre-set annotations: a new editor allows the user to customise annotations (rubber stamp, arrow, sticky note, highlighter, polygon ruler (new) and more) and add them on the document by a simple click.

PaperScan V3 can be downloaded on the ORPALIS website.

Trial versions of 30 days are available for the commercial editions of the software.

The pricing of PaperScan V3 doesn’t change: 49 USD for the Home Edition and 149 USD for the Professional Edition. Upgrade prices are available.


ORPALIS is creator, developer and owner of the comprehensive document imaging toolkit series released under the brand "GdPicture", which is now a worldwide known and respected leader in imaging technologies. More than 12,000 developers based in over 70 countries include GdPicture components in their applications. In 2011 ORPALIS releases PaperScan, marking the beginning of a new line of products meant for end-users. PDF Reducer is launched in 2013. In 2015 a revolutionary universal HTML5 viewer and document management kit called DocuVieware is made available to the public. / /

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