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ORPALIS Includes Automatic Color Detection in PaperScan Professional Edition 1.6

The new Automatic Color Detection feature in PaperScan Professional Edition dramatically reduces the size of documents without any quality loss.

Muret, France, September 12, 2012.

ORPALIS has released a new medium version of PaperScan which includes automatic color detection for the Professional Edition. This tool helps to dramatically reduce the size of electronically stored PDF documents without losing their quality.

ORPALIS has developed a technology of automatic color detection for documents providing both the highest quality and the smallest size possible. This tool is useful for professionals in document storage as well as any company or individual who need to easily share and store high-resolution documents.

How does it work?

Instead of manually separating back and white pages from grayscale and from colored ones and then scan each of those sets at 1 bpp, 8 bpp and 24 bpp respectively, PaperScan Professional Edition 1.6 batch processes all documents regardless of their color type. The documents are scanned in color mode and PaperScan automatically determines the color type of each page. Depending on the detected color-type, the filter will automatically encode the image in its best suited /optimized bits-per-pixel encoding.

A blog article on Automatic Color Detection is available here.

It also includes a demo.

The Automatic Color Detection feature is implemented in PaperScan Professional Edition starting with version 1.6 and will be fully programmatically available in the next GdPicture.NET major release.

PaperScan Professional Edition can be downloaded and evaluated for free for 30 days on the ORPALIS website.

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ORPALIS is creator, developer and owner of the comprehensive document imaging toolkit series released under the brand "GdPicture", which is now a worldwide known and respected leader in imaging technologies. More than 12,000 developers, based in over 70 countries, include GdPicture components in their applications. /

About PaperScan

PaperScan is a powerful TWAIN and WIA scanning software making document acquisition an unparalleled easy task for anyone. PaperScan is available in 3 versions: Free Edition, Home Edition and Professional Edition. All three versions provide the same set of features but the Free and Home Editions have some limitations. The Professional Edition includes an OCR engine, annotations and automatic color detection. See the PaperScan page on the ORPALIS website at